Month: September 2015

SIDHOM Partnership with Apex

Apex International Announces Partnership with SIDHOM Printing Solutions in Egypt

Apex International is pleased to announce our new partnership with SIDHOM Printing Solutions, a well-established, Egypt-based printing solutions company.  Having represented Bobst, Kodak, Brancher and Konica Minolta among many others, the inclusion of Apex anilox and metering roll solutions is a natural fit with SIDHOM’s product portfolio.

“Founded more than 3 decades, Sidhom has been a fully dedicated family owned company serving the printing and packaging industry. I am personally grateful to our dedicated and loyal employees who have been the key to our success, and to our partners that have trusted us and believed in our capabilities.” stated Mr. Sherif Sidhom, CEO of SIDHOM Co. and a 25 year veteran of the printing and packaging industry.   “We are excited to start this cooperation with Apex and confident it will be a long-term, successful partnership.” he states.Visit SIDHOM Printing Solutions today for more information!