Continent – the flexible 2/1 press


The Continent is an extremely flexible, user-friendly four-high tower press targeting the global market.

It is available as both a coldest press line and heat-set press with a hot-air dryer as well as a hybrid version.

With a maximum production speed of 75,000 cyl.rph it is suited to printing houses which produce high-quality newspapers, magazines and semi-commercials, and those wishing to operate with extreme flexibility.

As a single-width web press (4 pages broadsheet/8 pages tabloid) with practical automation and a high level of user-friendliness, the Continent has an excellent reputation in its press class. 

Comet- the popular 2/2 press

Comet, this eight-page, four-high tower web offset press with and without heat-set dryers is particularly valued by small and mid-sized newspaper houses and contract printers the world over.

Two or three plates across and two around make it suitable for both collect and non-collect production.

Its maximum rated output of 75,000 copies per hour and shaft-less drive technology throughout have established the Comet at the very top of its class in terms of performance, quality and ergonomics of all of the 2/2 and 3/2 press lines on the market. Its high reliability, print quality, flexibility and economy valued by print experts make the Comet a sound investment offering good value for money.

Far more than 200 of these presses are in operation for newspaper, semi-commercial and book printing worldwide. 

Commander CL- the most successful 4/2 web press in its class

The Commander CL has been the most successful 4/2 four-high tower press in the mid and top performance classes since its market launch in autumn 2011. The Commander CL (= Classic) features user-friendly H-type printing units and its intelligent modular construction allows the press to be customized to meet the individual needs. Alongside standard manual plate changing this press is available with optional automatic or semi-automatic plate changing for faster make-ready, and can also easily be upgraded at a later date.

This equates in investment security and the flexibility necessary to meet changing production demands. Other benefits include short set-up and washing cycles, easy maintenance, an optimized operating concept with clear displays, and minimal production costs. What is more, the Commander CL is engineered for variable web widths and can be extended with hot-air dryers.

Further options include fast presetting via Press-net and single-button start-up and run-down via  Easy-start and Easy-clean-up. 

Commander CT
The compact wet offset press for
newspapers and semi-commercials

The Commander CT is Koenig & Bauer’s most compact four-high web press for conventional offset printing. With a production output of up to 90,000cph and extensive automation, the Commander CT offers a raft of winning features as standard. One unique feature is its StepIn towers that split down the center at the touch of a button for easy access and maintenance. Lifts on both sides of and inside the compact towers permit ergonomic operation by reducing walking distances during production and maintenance. Further highlights include our fast yet highly reliable automatic plate changers and automatic roller locks. The Commander CT has optimised spray dampeners and film inking units with three forme rollers. The press concept represents a major advance in ergonomics, cost efficiency, flexibility and quality to address shifts in a competitive media market, and it has won over a raft of prominent printing houses. The press is also available with PressNet, a tailor-made workflow package. The Commander CT is the world’s top-selling newspaper press in the high-end sector.

Waterless Cortina: Cutting-edge green technology for newspapers and commercials

Newspapers and semi-commercials
printed in excellent quality


With the highly innovative Cortina press, Koenig &
Bauer has raised the production of colour newspapers and semi-commercials to a new level of
quality. Day after day, over 20 Cortina users in
Europe and the Middle East demonstrate an unprecedented scale of excellence with a broad diversity of
print products – and at the same time exceptional
format and substrate variability, cost efficiency and
environmental awareness. Practice-oriented automation modules represent key benchmarks for
modern offset printing.


KBA C16 - The best of 16pp web offset technology and ideal for frequent job changes

KBA C32-C48-C80 Productive high-performance web presses for publications printing on an industrial scale with long-grain pages

KBA C48SG-C56SG Maximum productivity in short grain format (Productivity meets quality)