CS MetalCan – Next-level printing – the first 10-colour print section

for 2-piece beverage cans with keyless inking units.

The CS MetalCan answers market demands relating to increasingly frequent job changes and product variability. The perfect interaction of all components serves to maximize quality, productivity, and safety, as the basis for highly profitable beverage can decoration. Engineered for ten colors and with a multitude of special features such as automatic plates and blanket changes, it is set to revolutionize beverage can decorating.

  • ten keyless inking units
  • High print quality – ink stability over the whole can height thanks to keyless inking units
  • Automatic plate and blanket
  • Increased productivity through significantly reduced makeready times
  • Absolute register accuracy through  100% synchronization
  • Enhanced labor safety for the operator thanks to the automation of makeready processes