Developments for offset plates develop with Graphixpress.

The range of Graphixpress products for the development of offset plates has been designed to ensure significant advantages, reducing the attack of the emulsion, thus increasing the print run.
Thanks to its chemical composition, the development highlights the parts of the plate exposed or not exposed (depending on whether it is positive or negative) from the bromograph / CTP CTCP / plate setter, allowing the printer to complete the prepress process in an easy and linear way.


Main characteristics

  • Product to substitute isopropyl alcohol completely in printing.
  • The product can be easily and conveniently interchanged with IPA.
  • Contrary to IPA, for this product NO UTIF registration is necessary, therefore a Company stock book is not required.

UV WASH 3600

Main characteristics

  • Product for cleaning of UV and conventional inks.
  • Excellent solvent, medium volatility.
  • It cleans thoroughly rollers and blankets.
  • Free from aromatic and chlorinated compounds.
  • Compatible with EPDM and NBR rubbers.


Main characteristics

  • Washing agent in offset printing.
  • Solvent mixture.