Variable data foiling for a tactile experience

The MGI digital varnish & hot-foil technology turns printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible print products that will immediately catch your customers’ and their customers’ attention. With the digital varnish technology, you’ll find it easy to spot coat digital prints, highlight defined areas, or add 3D effects – all of which help you to offer attractive and vivid print products that provide a tactile experience. What’s more, the combination with the inline hot foiling module iFOIL gives you a wide choice of colors and brilliant effects.

• AccurioShine 3600

AccurioShine 3600

With the AccurioShine 3600, you create spectacular and irresistible print products that will immediately catch everyone’s attention.


  • DIGITAL high-end embellishment device with a speed of up to 2.077 A3 sheets per hour for shorter lead times and a simple job set-up.
  • VARIABLE VARNISH THICKNESS between 21 and 116 microns for 2D and 3D-tactile effects in one single pass.
  • EASE OF USE – no screens, no plates, and no cleaning between the jobs. All that is needed is a digital mask to add varnish of varying thicknesses straight on top of toner or offset prints. That allows us to take on more lucrative short and medium print runs, prepare print runs faster, eliminate plates, screens, and dies, and produce more complex jobs on a wide range of substrates, toner, and offset prints.
  • COMPACT SIZE, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – In-house, full-production, and prototype-finishing spot UV varnishing without the need for screens, plates, or dies.
  • GENTLE ON THE ENVIRONMENT – The AccurioShine 3600 features a closed circuit system, leaves no ink or varnish residue, and is designed to prevent any cleaning or material waste between jobs, helping you to reduce paper, varnish, and electrical consumption.

• MGI JETvarnish 3D

MGI JETvarnish 3D spot
  • Turns plainly printed jobs into remarkable and appealing print applications.
  • Creates a sensory experience on your printed piece.
  • Helps you to add value to existing print jobs and to differentiate yourself.
  • Produces brilliant foil effects on digital and off-set jobs.
  • Offers the perfect registration with the revolutionary AIS SmartScanner.