Stability and reliability, plus incredible value


Platesetter delivers the stability and reliability of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at exceptional value, enabling you to provide print quality that differentiates you from your competition. This robust external-drum thermal CTP device has been specifically designed for the demanding needs of general commercial and publication printers. With a small footprint that minimizes space requirements, the ACHIEVE Platesetter meets international ergonomic standards for easy access and minimal physical effort, and offers reliable plate making of up to 22 8-page plates per hour. Affordable automation options meet your business needs and help drive maximum productivity, flexible resources and reduced labor costs. New features, such as more automation and significant power savings, make the latest ACHIEVE Platesetters a smart investment for your business.

Exceptional quality and value


Advanced automation


Automating prepress production helps reduce waste and costly errors while optimizing throughput and efficiency. The ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetter is available with a variety of automation options to meet a wide range of business needs.

Auto Unload (AU)

Semi-automated. Manual loading, automatic unloading to plate processor or stacker; optional automatic plate rotation.

Autoloader (AL)

Automated plate loading and unloading of up to 80 plates without slip sheets (0.3 mm); optional automatic plate rotation.

Single Cassette Unit (SCU)

Fully automated; holds up to 120 plates (0.3 mm) of the same size and thickness with slip sheets. Optional automatic plate rotation.