KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Solutions

Profit Automatically

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is the leading prepress automation software for the print industry.

Only Kodak delivers powerful automation customized to the way your shop works. PRINERGY Workflow is compatible with all your equipment, whether you’re printing offset, digital, flexo, or gravure. Easy scalability ensures you will be ready for the future. Kodak’s software portfolio reduces manual touch points and elevates productivity, all while delivering output that’s as highly tuned as it is high-quality. With everything in control, you have the freedom to focus on what matters most – building a thriving business.

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is designed to make print easy and profitable. It is fully customizable to meet your needs today and adapt as your business grows. PRINERGY Workflow can be run off servers in your location, or, with our new PRINERGY On Demand, our customers are migrating their workflow to the cloud for extra security and additional benefits.

Kodak offers a full suite of software products, from PRINERGY Workflow and its many options to standalone products such as INSITE Prepress Portal and COLOR FLOW PRO Software.

Kodak’s software products provide:


PRINERGY Workflow’s powerful automation reduces manual touchpoints, improves accuracy and efficiency, and frees up your team to use their skills and talents to grow your business. You can increase productivity while saving time and money, and mitigate risk by reducing human error, thus maximizing your return on investment. Automation reduces time to the shelf – all while improving quality and boosting throughput.


You can spend your life building a business – and then see a cyber attack destroy it in seconds. PRINERGY Workflow is now available in the cloud for the safest, most reliable workflow solution for your business. With PRINERGY On Demand, we provide complete protection of your critical assets and seamlessly combat cyber threats before they’re even on your radar.


PRINERGY Workflow lets you drive production efficiencies and waste reduction across all digital and traditional pressrooms. Maximize your profit on each and every job by optimizing ink usage, and ensuring customer loyalty with consistent and accurate color across presses and across locations.


Use the power of your own data to drive your business into the future. Bridge gaps, fix inconsistencies and leverage opportunities using data collected and reported through Decision Analytics and Kodak’s ink and plate usage services. Once you start looking at the data and trends, you’ll be making better business decisions to save money and improve your operation.


Realize the full potential of your workflow investment by improving the connectivity and effectiveness of your MIS, digital press, customer portals, production automation, and quality. Kodak’s experts will evaluate your business needs and provide enhancements and adjustments to help you achieve your goals, enabling you to focus on your business and your customers.