“Sales Training Module 1”

Sidhom&Co. considers its employees as valued assets and is always keen on investing in them to reach more of their potential, have a great career path, and push our company towards success.

We are proud of and congratulate Eng. Huda Ramadan and
Eng. Mohamed Aboulela for passing the “Sales Training Module 1” successfully in Germany, wishing them continued success and further progress.


The Sixth Employment Forum for Graduates Employment at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University.

It was an honor for our company to get a shield of honor from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University& to share in the Sixth Employment Forum for Graduates Employment.
We always have the commitment to share in community responsibility and help graduates to start up their careers successfully.


Abo Elreesh Hospital Visit

As Sidhom company believes in corporate community responsibility, and we found that Abo Elreesh hospital is one of the institutions that need much support from all of us, we started giving support to it.

We hope that all the community and institutions give attention to Abo-Elrish hospital, for transferring it to the highest level of quality and service.